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'Cemetery-go-Round' skirt / white version

MADE TO ORDER allow 2-3 weeks to finish.


Made from high quality, hand-printed fabric (100% organic cotton - woven locally) with soft, antistatic lining. 

Everything is made by us from scratch - from designing the print, printing it on the fabric and sewing - to assure the high quality. The skirt is white with white lining and lace finish.


The waistband is not stretchy and closed with zipper on the side.

If you need different waist size or different skirt lenght please purchase the 'custom size'.


  • S: waist - 70 cm, length - 68cm
  • M: waist - 79 cm, length - 68cm
  • L: waist - 88 cm, length - 68cm
  • XL: waist - 95 cm, length - 68cm
  • XXL: waist - 110cm, length - 68cm

'Cemetery-go-Round' skirt / white version

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